Maserati “cut” Levante Trofeo to GTS version

Maserati “cut” Levante Trofeo to GTS version

July 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian brand has prepared a new version of the crossover with a V8.

In the beginning of spring this year, the premiere of the charged modification of the crossover – Maserati Levante Trofeo, equipped with a V8 engine. The new version of the GTS is a simplified version with a slope in a comfortable, not extreme ride. From the “trophy” version of GTS differs almost only in settings.

Levante GTS is equipped with a biturbo eight Ferrari F154 volume of 3.8 liters with a new “firmware” and deformed to 550 hp power – at Trofeo the engine gives out 590 hp, the truth, the maximum twisting moment has not changed and makes 730 Nanometers. The engine is combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission ZF and the all-wheel drive Q4, adjusted for a more comfortable ride. In addition, the system of lunch-control and racing mode of driving at the GTS are absent.

The dynamics of the GTS, of course, simpler, but still very, very sporty – from zero to the first 100 km/h crossover accelerate in 4.2 seconds and accelerates to a maximum speed of 292 km/h (3.9 seconds and 300 km/h at Trofeo). And yet, the air suspension settings of the Levante GTS are not as rigid as the Levante Trofeo, which makes it a more attractive car for daily use.

In terms of design, the two versions of the Maserati crossover are almost identical. The GTS version has a different rear diffuser built into the rear bumper, there are no lining on the thresholds, as well as a special design of the wheels, although the same size is 22 inches. The interior of the models is completely identical.

In addition, Maserati refreshed the models of Ghibli and Quattroporte: the color scheme of the body was expanded, new materials for finishing, wheel designs were added, the interface of the infotainment system was improved. All three models now have a new washer-selector AKP, debuting on the Levante Trofeo. The latter also borrowed matrix optics, now available as an option for all versions of the crossover.

The start of sales of the Maserati Levante GTS and the four-door sedan of the 2019 model year is scheduled for the fall of this year.

By the way, earlier we told about the plans of Maserati for the future, which includes a new small crossover, supercar and electric cars.