Martin Brundle on the results of the Monaco Grand Prix …

Martin Brundle on the results of the Monaco Grand Prix …

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Former Formula 1 driver, Sky Sports F1 commentator Martin Brandl summed up the weekend in Monaco.

The weekend in Monaco was dedicated to the memory of Niki Lauda. In the paddock with great respect for him and his achievements, to his resilience in the most difficult situations.

Our careers crossed in 1984 and 1985. Like Alain Prost, Niki practiced a balanced approach. I remember in Monza’85 clearly ahead of him on braking on the first lap behind the wheel of a Tyrrell-Renault. I was very proud of this, but when we came out of Parabolica, he raised his hand, as if asking me why I did it, and pressed the gas of the turbocharged McLaren-Tag, instantly rushing ahead. In that race, I finished eighth, and his car broke down, but I remember his reaction.

In the movie “Race”, things are a bit different than they really are, but he once again reminded everyone of the incredible story of the confrontation between Nicky and James Hunt. I have always believed that this struggle allowed Lauda to reach a new level.

A key role in the success of the Mercedes team in recent years has further raised its status. I liked how he turned his famous cap, which, with the help of sponsors, allowed him to hide his wounds. It was a successful career finals excellent racer and entrepreneur, making the most of everything that gave him life.

I liked the intrigue of the Grand Prix last weekend. Classic Monaco. Suffice it to recall how Nigel Mansell tried to circumvent Ayrton Sennu in 1992, how Daniel Riccardo fought off an attack on a failed car, winning the race last year.

Lewis Hamilton piloted as a real champion, although he was unhappy with the team’s decision to put Medium tires on him at an early pit stop behind the safety car on the 11th lap. It even seemed to me that he was trying to deceive his rivals – so persistently, over and over again, he complained about the tires. Engineer Lewis Peter Bonnington once again proved himself to be an example of patience and restraint.

Lewis monitored the condition of the tires, the trajectory, drove at a moderate pace, adding only where you need to come off. This master class.

Behind it was Max Verstappen. Max’s front tires were also worn out, and in the hectic pit stop he received a five-second penalty for an unsafe exit to the pit lane – which could have been much heavier.

When the safety car left, Valtteri Bottas had to wait at the pit stop while serving Hamilton – he and Lewis were driving one after the other, while Ferrari and Red Bull had no such problem – their riders were driving with a much larger interval.

The fate of the second position was decided at the pit stop. The speed at the pit lane in Monaco is limited to 60 km / h, in the Red Bull Racing rush to release Max, Bottas was driving on the right, they touched, Bottas touched the wall, which led to a puncture. The Valtteri car was damaged, so the penalty for Verstappen is fair.

Today, Max no longer attacks when the odds are 50 to 50, and judging by his actions against Bottas at the start, even at 55 to 45. And this caution pays off. But at the end of the race, he still rushed to attack Hamilton in a chicane after the tunnel. With a five-second penalty, he could hardly win this race, but he had to challenge the great champion.

Lewis saw everything and turned the wheel slightly. They touched the sidewalls of the tires, which was the result of more skill than luck, and continued to move. I can imagine what the reaction would have been if Max had already punished Max punched the wheel of Lewis and Vettel won the race.

For Sebastian was calm, he was happy to share on the podium of the racers Mercedes after three touches the barriers in training and the error of Ferrari in the qualification, which led his team-mate Charles Lecler out of the fight.

Leclaire started the 15th and said that he had no choice – he was obliged to take risks. He attacked in the hairpin and in Rascasse, until one of the attacks ended in a collision with Hulkenberg. Such a rush would be justified if the race lasted 38, not 78 laps.