Mark Webber about why Riccardo was not taken to Ferrari

Mark Webber about why Riccardo was not taken to Ferrari

June 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

When it became clear that the relationship between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari was somewhat upset, talk began about who could become the new partner of Charles Leclerc. It seemed that Daniel Riccardo was one of the obvious candidates, but in Maranello they chose to sign a contract with Carlos Sainz, while the Australian rider will take his place in McLaren.

Mark Webber put forward a curious suggestion explaining why Maranello did not prefer his compatriot, although he long ago confirmed that he knows how to win the race, but Sainz, on whose account there is only one podium.

“The team from Maranello twice had the opportunity to invite him,” said the Australian, also bearing in mind the situation in 2018, when Riccardo was going to leave Red Bull, but Ferrari relied on Leclerc. “But for some reason this did not happen, although we all thought that it would be an absolutely winning story.”

Why was Daniel unable to negotiate with Ferrari? Did they even have a desire to sign a contract with him? I know that he has a good relationship with Charles – maybe in Maranello they decided that they have too good a relationship? And although I don’t know about it, but maybe this factor was also taken into account there? .. ”