Mark Hughes about the rumors related to the aerodynamics of Ferrari

Mark Hughes about the rumors related to the aerodynamics of Ferrari

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the paddock there are rumors that Ferrari have corrected the miscalculation in the aerodynamics of the car, and in theory this allowed us to add about 0.3 seconds per lap. The situation is commented on by the British expert Mark Hughes …

All the talk in the paddock of the Paul-Ricard autodrome now is only about whether the verdict of the Canadian Grand Prix stewards who fined Sebastian Vettel will be revised, and what will happen if this happens. However, in many ways it almost does not matter. As Vettel himself said in Montreal: “Victory is more, victory is less, for me and for Lewis Hamilton this will change little.”

Much more important, as Formula 1 is going to deal with more serious problems that highlighted the incident. Given that Vettel in fact has already dropped out of the number of contenders for the title, the official result of the race in Canada only affects the statistics.

For Ferrari and Sebastien now more importantly: whether the team were able to identify a small but extremely significant miscalculation in the aerodynamic concept of the car – this is another rumor that is actively discussed in the paddock Paul Ricard.

Ferrari brought a new front wing to France, and it is said that in the process of computer modeling a certain anomaly was revealed, indicating that the aerodynamic concept of the car had made a fundamental mistake that had hampered the team since the start of the season.

According to rumors, when this error was reproduced on the simulator, the test pilot drove a virtual circle around the track in Barcelona, ​​0.3 seconds slower. It turns out that this miscalculation was present in the aerodynamic settings of the machine already in seven stages. Does this mean that, in Maranello, they still found the cause of their problems, that they have not been able for so long? If we live, we will see, but it is definitely felt that this weekend the team is in a somewhat elated mood …

Of course, all this is nothing more than rumors. But this example shows how seriously such a mistake can affect the results, and how important it was to identify it and play those missing 0.3 seconds (if they really managed to win back), because there are two-thirds of the season ahead. And if such a miscalculation was really made, it speaks of serious failures that affect the work processes of the team. But it is better to reveal all this than to deal with a slow machine.

To what extent the rumors are true, will begin to clarify in the course of tomorrow’s qualifications. However, the configuration of the French route (unlike Baku or Montreal) is not very suitable for Ferrari, because here the car requires about the same qualities as in Barcelona, ​​where things went wrong at the Scuderia.

But if Ferrari even closer to the speed of the Mercedes, it will be fine not only for the Italian team, but for the whole Formula 1.