Mario Isola: The fight in Monza is always very tight

Mario Isola: The fight in Monza is always very tight

September 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Now it’s C2, C3 and C4, and C2 and C4 are softer than last year, which will help to achieve optimal traction on cars that are tuned for the first time this season to a very small aerodynamic downforce.

The load on tires in Monza is small, most riders drove the distance with one pit stop last year, but the Rettifilo and Roggia chicanes have a large shock load that the tires must withstand.

Mario Isola, Pirelli: “The race at Monza is a serious challenge for riders, cars and rubber, so it looks like a Spa, where we spoke last weekend. For these stages, we traditionally choose different rubber compounds, and if in the Spa this time there were tougher tires than a year ago, then in Monza the teams will get softer tires.

Last year, the best lap during the qualification in Monza was the fastest in the history of Formula 1. This year, the cars became even faster, so the record can be broken. It’s hard to overtake in Monza, but last year’s race showed that tire strategy could be an important factor in the fight for the position.

In the past two years during the weekend, there was rain – the weather will be another factor of intrigue this weekend. The fight in Monza is always very tight, and the breaks are small. ”