Mario Isola: So far there were no surprises

Mario Isola: So far there were no surprises

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In 2019, the lineup of rubber compounds changed – the number was reduced from seven to five, and the three compositions available for selection at each race will now always be called Hard, Medium and Soft. Because Soft, which is used by teams in Melbourne, roughly corresponds to last year’s UltraSoft, and the results can be compared directly.

The first day showed that despite the changes in aerodynamics, the pace of cars compared to last year’s Grand Prix of Australia has grown significantly – Lewis Hamilton surpassed his last year’s Friday result by almost a half second. In Pirelli satisfied with the results of training.

Mario Isola, head of the auto racing unit: “All the events of this weekend will remain in the shadow of yesterday’s loss of Charlie Whiting, whose death left a big void in our sport, which is impossible to fill. Since our arrival in Formula 1, we have worked closely with him, everyone in Pirelli will miss him.

If we talk about the work of tires, the first workout of the season did not bring big surprises, except for almost a second difference in pace between tires Soft and Medium – a little more than we expected. Judging by the initial comments of the teams, the tires in these conditions work quite effectively.

Due to the fact that now in the course of the weekend, we have only the compositions Hard, Medium and Soft, it is easier for fans to figure it out. Past experience shows that the track in Melbourne will continue to progress, so many more events await us this weekend. ”