Mario Isola: Qualification passed without surprises

Mario Isola: Qualification passed without surprises

April 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Racers Mercedes, Ferrari and Max Verstappen will start on tires Medium, in Pirelli are waiting for an interesting fight with those who choose Soft for the first segment.

Tires company’s teams offered three options for the strategy, the fastest of them – with one pit stop. You can start on Soft and go to Hard on the 18th lap, or drive the first 19 rounds to Medium, and the last piece to Hard.

The slowest option is a strategy with two pit stops: after two 15-lane segments, Soft will reach the finish line on Hard tires.

Mario Isola, head of the auto racing unit: “It’s a little warmer now than usual in China at this time of year, and the track temperature is over 40 degrees – 15 degrees higher than yesterday. It is also windy today. Qualification passed without surprises – the tires worked as we expected, the teams used different strategy options.

The strategy of the first five riders is theoretically a little slower than those who start on Soft, so additional intrigue may appear. However, the first segment on Medium gives you more freedom in choosing a strategy. We expect that the tires Soft will degrade, and this is one of the main factors affecting the timing for a pit stop “.