Marcus Armstrong signed a contract with ART

Marcus Armstrong signed a contract with ART

November 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The ART team has announced the signing of a contract with a student at the Ferrari Racing Academy Marcus Armstrong. The New Zealander is one of the most talented racers of his generation – in 2017 he became the champion of the Italian Formula 4 on the first try, in 2018 he took fifth place in European Formula 3, and last season he finished second in the new Formula 3 series, who replaced Formula 2. He lost only to his Prema partner Robert Schwartzman.

In the new season, the paths of Robert and Marcus will diverge for the first time in three years – if Schwartzman continues to perform with Prema, only now in Formula 2, then the 19-year-old Markus became an ART racer. Before the last leg of the season, ART ranks third in the championship among teams, and its rider, Nick de Vries, has already secured the title. It will be replaced by Armstrong.

Marcus Armstrong: “For many reasons, joining ART Grand Prix is ​​an honor. Mainly due to the great history of the team. The last 15 years, she played key roles in GP2 and Formula 2, and many Formula 1 racers came there from ART. In addition, I met in a team in Paris, and my first impression was that they are truly professionals and are trying to use every little thing to improve. Honestly, I feel some pressure!

I am sure that together we can succeed, because the team is ready to teach me how to do everything right, and one of my strengths has always been that I quickly adapted to new situations and changes. I will need to learn the procedures for pit stops and the strategy of the race, but I am determined that I can immediately show good results.

We will carry out three-day tests in Abu Dhabi, and after several sessions of working on a simulator, I look forward to sitting behind the wheel of an ART Formula 2 car. I also want to thank the Ferrari Driver Academy and the management of Ferrari for giving me the best opportunity for performances in Formula 2 “.