Mansory Venatus or modified beyond recognition Lamborghini Urus

Mansory Venatus or modified beyond recognition Lamborghini Urus

March 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Known for its shocking tuning projects, the Mansory studio introduced the highly modernized Lamborghini Urus crossover. In addition to changing the style, the auto engine was “tightened up”, now it gives out 838 horsepower.

Mansory is a German automobile modification company known for its rather controversial tuning projects for various famous cars. His recent creation was the black and green Continental GT V8 Cabrio convertible, which was introduced a few days ago.

Now, the guys decided to present a new version of their last year’s project – the Venatus crossover, which is a highly modernized Lamborghini Urus. The car received significant changes from the inside and out, as well as increased engine power.

The very blue Mansory Venatus has wider wings than the regular Urus, along with several carbon fiber parts such as side skirts, a hood, a rear wing mounted on the rear door, a roof spoiler and a rear bumper with a diffuser. Even such small parts as the side mirror housings, various linings and air intakes are made of carbon fiber with accents of neon green paint. Black forged 24-inch seven-spoke rims accentuate the sheer size of the crossover. The Venatus interior is trimmed with blue leather with neon green accents, there are elements from Alcantara and carbon fiber.

 Mansory Venatus boasts 838 bhp. power and 1000 Nm of torque, although previously there were “only” 641 hp and 850 Nm. The performance of the standard V8 twin-turbo was able to increase after installing a new engine control unit and a high-performance catalytic converter.

 The prices for the shocking version of the Italian crossover are not reported – they are available only on request, but there is no doubt that the price tag will not be small.