Mansory has worked on the ATV Maverick Can-Am

Mansory has worked on the ATV Maverick Can-Am

March 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Atelier Mansory planned to present 11 modernized cars at the Geneva motor show, but the cancellation of the event due to the coronovirus led the tuner to decide to publish projects in turn. This article will focus on the 225-horsepower ATV.

  Today we present to you, perhaps, the most unusual tuning project Mansory Xerocole, which is based on the Can-Am Maverick X3 ATV 2020 model year. In its serial form, the machine boasts a maximum of 195 horsepower.

 Obviously, this was not enough for Mansory, and after a series of works, the performance of the standard power plant increased to 225 hp impressive for such a crumb.

 At the moment, there are not many details about the technical upgrade of the ATV, but we know that the standard three-cylinder Rotax Ace gasoline engine with a volume of 0.9 liters received a more efficient turbocharger and intercooler.

Mansory also took the liberty of installing carbon fiber body components, including a thicker roof, body pillars, engine hood and side protection levers. As for the interior, the modified ATV received elements of leather and Alcantara with orange accents for sports seats, steering wheel and gear lever.

 Completes the modernization of many logos and badges Mansory – they are both inside and outside. We don’t know what time the German tuner appreciated his work, but the two-seat version of the Can-Am X3 X RC Turbo RR, on which the Xerocole is based, costs a whopping $ 29,599. Well, so there is no doubt that the machine from a German studio will cost more, much more.