Manhattan man came up with a horn for pedestrians

Manhattan man came up with a horn for pedestrians

November 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

He made this unusual device from an old wheel and a seat belt. The first buyers have already been found on such an accessory.

Manhattan resident Joseph Lerner took care of the safety of pedestrians and came up with a special device for them that will help them attract the attention of other road users. This is a pedestrian horn, for the manufacture of which Lerner used the steering wheel from the old Cadillac and the seat belt from it. The craftsman fastened the steering wheel on the belt so that it could be conveniently carried with you and honk at the right time. Joseph Lerner asks for $ 699 for his invention.

The pedestrian horn can be used not only to cross the roadway, but also to warn tourists who fill the streets of Manhattan and, at times, interfere with the passage of local residents.

The creator has already managed to test his pedestrian horn in urban conditions. The guy said on the web about what came of it. Internet users appreciated the idea of ​​the master, and some of them even declared their readiness to purchase such a horn. Lerner himself is going to release only ten of these devices, so those who want to get such an original novelty will have to hurry.