Manhart’s BMW X3M Competition easily reach 297 km / h

Manhart’s BMW X3M Competition easily reach 297 km / h

July 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new video that appeared on AutoTopNL’s YouTube channel demonstrates the capabilities of a compact crossover in tuning from the Manhart studio. The car drives on the autobahn.

The Bavarian compact X3M crossover in the powerful Competition version boasts more than 500 horsepower from the factory. However, the engineers at the Manhart tuning studio didn’t think so. In a new video that appeared on AutoTopNL’s YouTube channel, the features of the upgraded version of this crossover on the Autobahn are demonstrated.

To begin with, the Manhart guys found a way to unleash the standard 135-liter twin-turbo engine for another 135 hp. (185 Nm).

According to representatives of the tuning company, due to such an increase in productivity, accelerating a crossover to the first “hundred” takes only four seconds, which is a powerful indicator for a car of its form factor. During the tests, a representative of the AutoTopNL channel accelerated the car to a maximum speed of 295 km / h.

Along with working on the power of the already productive X3, the German tuner gave the car a completely new exhaust system. New pipes give the car a deep baritone hum. At the end of the video, the car drove into a tunnel in which you can evaluate the sound quality as much as possible.

In addition, the Manhart studio also worked on the exterior of the car. At first glance, the most noticeable publication is a black set of rims. Along with the new “shoes”, the car also receives a graphic “package” Manhart, as well as copper accents throughout the car.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the new BMW M3 was shown on the official video. In addition to the video recording from the tests of new items, the video tells some details about the sports car, as well as the stages of its creation.