Manhart Performance is preparing Manhart MHX4 600

Manhart Performance is preparing Manhart MHX4 600

February 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The network has information on the work of tuners from Manhart Performance, on an improved version of the BMW X4 M. It is too early to judge the significant improvements from the photos presented.

Of the new body kit you can see a new spoiler under the front bumper, along with gold accents around the air intakes. Traditional twin-spoke wheels will also be included in the upgrade package along with other visual body kit details that help improve the car’s aerodynamics.

At the stern, we see a new trunk lid spoiler, a new diffuser for the rear bumper and lining on four exhaust pipes. After tuning, the X4 M will receive the name Manhart MHX4 600, which means that the engine will probably have to give 600 hp.

This is a rather large number, considering that the engine under the hood has only a 3-liter six. Of course, the two turbines help, and yet get power up to 200 hp. / liter is a serious task.