Man tried to burn tires, but ended up burning his Mercedes-AMG

Man tried to burn tires, but ended up burning his Mercedes-AMG

January 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Firefighters came to save the Mercedes-AMG C63 S sports car

A video was published on the Web in which the owner of the Mercedes-AMG C63 S tried to effectively warm up the tires by means of intense slipping. However, something went wrong and this burnout cost him a sports coupe.

The incident took place at a wedding in the Australian state of South Wales. The owner of a black Mercedes-AMG C 63 S decided to arrange a spectacular burnout in front of the gathered crowd, but something went wrong and the car caught fire.

None of those present, including the driver, were injured. However, when the fire moved to the roadway and almost spread to the cars parked nearby, witnesses of the incident called a fire brigade. The rescuers who arrived at the scene were able to stop the spread of the fire, but could not save Mercedes. As a result of an unsuccessful burnout, the compartment almost completely burned out.

The setbacks for the owner of the sports car did not end there. When police officers questioned him about what caused the fire, the man replied that his Mercedes caught fire while driving. This answer he gave, probably to take advantage of insurance. However, later the police found several videos confirming the guilt of the owner of the sports car in the incident. Now, instead of creating spectacular content with the participation of the 510-horsepower Mercedes-AMG C63 S, the man will face trial.

At the end of last year, several Haval F7x owners from Western Siberia complained about the burned-out crossovers. According to them, the fires occurred during the operation of the engine autostart system after a night street parking.