Man disabled rental electric scooters

Man disabled rental electric scooters

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

American deliberately snacking on brake cables on city scooters

Fort Lauderdale City Police detained a 59-year-old man who spoiled at least 20 rental electric scooters.

In a resort town on the east coast of southern Florida, a mysterious attacker recently appeared who declared war on electric scooters available for short-term rental and began methodically incapacitating them. Since April this year, 140 scooters have been damaged on the streets of Fort Lauderdale – everyone had a snack on brake cables and painted over the QR code necessary for the mobile application to work.

However, now the police managed to catch a criminal who is directly connected with at least 20 episodes of vandalism. The 59-year-old man turned out to be a local resident, who, however, flatly refused to give reasons for his actions. In addition to an inexplicable hatred of electric rental scooters, he resisted the detention and was arrested.

He managed to catch him once at four in the morning on one of the streets of Fort Lauderdale, when an attacker tried using the wire cutters to disable the brakes on the next scooter. The crime was recorded on a surveillance camera. The rental company estimated the damage caused at least $ 1,400.