Mahindra Roxor SUV changes design due to FCA lawsuit

Mahindra Roxor SUV changes design due to FCA lawsuit

January 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Indian automaker was accused of borrowing design from the American company Jeep.

We have already written about the confrontation between Mahindra and FCA, which began with the entry into the American market of the Mahindra Roxor SUV. The FCA was not satisfied that the Indian SUV repeats the appearance of the legendary Jeep CJ of the 1940s. Interestingly, the Mahindra and Jeep models are similar on legal grounds. Back in the 50s, the Americans sold the Indians a license for the production of army all-terrain vehicles CJ-3B. And until last year, the parties did not make any claims to each other. However, everything changed after the appearance of Mahindra Roxor at US motor shows.

 Patent litigation is still in full swing. The continuation of the proceedings is scheduled for March, and the final decision on this case, the court is likely to announce in May.

 Mahindra decided not to wait for a court decision on the Jeep lawsuit and have already carried out a small restyling of the Roxor 2020 model year. The SUV has got a new grille. Instead of the vertical sections that have become the hallmark of Jeep SUVs, the updated Roxor gets a grille with large oval cells in black and a horizontal bar painted in body color.

  With this “new thing”, Mahindra Roxor became similar to another SUV popular with the Americans – Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. However, the Japanese have not yet made claims to Mahindra. It is difficult to predict whether this restyling will help to avoid a conflict. Experts do not exclude that Roxor will still be banned from selling on the North American market.