Magnussen pleased, Grosjean – no

Magnussen pleased, Grosjean – no

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Kevin Magnussen was satisfied with the results of the day, and his partner in the Haas F1 Roman Grosjean called Friday on Paul Ricard one of the worst …

Roman Grosjean (17th): “In the morning we didn’t guess with the basic settings, then there was a leak and the first session ended for me. In the end, I was one step behind.

The second training began with blocking tires, the rubber was damaged and I had to interrupt a series of circles. I really wanted to continue working, but only one set of tires remained. We switched to Soft and at the end of the series with a lot of fuel, we managed to climb a few lines. ”

Kevin Magnussen (10th): “A Positive Day. On hot asphalt, the tires quickly overheated, but the car worked well with both large and small amounts of fuel. Now you need to repeat it on Sunday, our task is to achieve a good pace in the race “.

Gunter Steiner, team leader: “It’s a difficult Friday for us. The novel could not drive a lot of laps, and Kevin could not find a suitable balance, but still the day turned out to be more productive for him.

At the beginning of the second workout, Roman spoiled a set of tires and was forced to wait for the condition of the track to improve to leave for the rest. With Kevin’s car, the guys worked a lot to find the optimal settings and balance, having achieved some success. We still have much to do tomorrow to spend this weekend in a really good shape. ”