Magnussen: Guys know what I want from the car

Magnussen: Guys know what I want from the car

March 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, Haas was surprised by the fact that until recently she fought for fourth position in the Constructors’ Championship, although this was only her third season in Formula 1. Kevin Magnussen expects a tough fight in the middle of the peloton and hopes that his team will once again be competitive.

Kevin Magnussen: “We have a completely new car, so it is very different from the previous one, but I’m still happy with it. Any driver hopes that he will be comfortable behind the wheel, and the car will not behave strangely, and the VF-19 is fine with that. But I find it difficult to judge other cars – perhaps they are even better than ours. I guess the rivalry in the middle of the peloton will become even more intense. Last year we fought Renault, and Force India and sometimes Toro Rosso interfered in our fight. I think the breaks from the very beginning of the season will be smaller.

Haas is the first team in my entire career where I have been working for over a year. Nice to meet everyone and get close. I used to change the team after one season, because before I either switched to another racing series, or to another team in Formula 1. I never got close to the team, and it seems to me that I learned to recognize her in Haas. I develop and feel that I understand, and I can rely on the team and the fact that the guys know what I want from the car. This gives both me and the team a sense of security. I think the team is more comfortable with me.

Australian Grand Prix? First of all, we should screw the wheels properly – this would be a good start. In addition, I think that we should use the experience gained, analyze past failures and understand what can be done better and act differently in a similar situation.

Criticism of other riders? Sometimes it’s fair, but I think I’m getting penalties because the stewards are listening to the radio. Laid out on the track, some riders try to put pressure on the stewards. If there is the slightest chance that I will be fined, then they will definitely take advantage of it.

None of the riders approached me personally and said that I was wrong. I understand when I cross the line and get punished for it. But sometimes I make a mistake and misjudge the situation. This affects the result, and I want to avoid it. That’s when I start to get angry with myself. Perhaps I am one of those who more often than others are involved in scandals, but I have the least fines. ”