Machine, springboard and trampoline …

Machine, springboard and trampoline …

March 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Enthusiasts from the YouTube channel Mark Rober decided to throw the car straight from the high springboard onto a very durable trampoline. The sight looks certainly very unusual.

Sometimes quite strange car videos appear on YouTube. How do crazy ideas such as jumping into a frozen lake in a burning car, throwing an expensive “helic” from a great height to the ground come to the minds of bloggers? Despite all this, we never saw a car fall on a massive trampoline. Until now.

This time we will talk about a foreign channel called Mark Rober and its recent video, in which the guys decided to throw the car off the springboard.

It is not surprising to throw a car from a great height on a trampoline. However, in order for the machine to really bounce off of him, it took a lot of scientific research to build a trampoline that could cope with such a load.

To this end, Robert worked with friends for a long time to create the most durable trampoline in their life. A trampoline was modeled in a CAD program and then built in Australia. It consists of a thick Kevlar mat in the center, connected by a steel frame with 144 springs for heavy garage doors that can withstand 204 kg each.

When the trampoline was assembled, his trials began. Everything from watermelons to bowling balls went into action, and a car and a small boat acted as the final test. Surprisingly, the trampoline had very little damage. The fall of the car is shown in the video at the top of this article, but the test with the boat is at the bottom.