Lynk&Co will present its new product in Amsterdam

Lynk&Co will present its new product in Amsterdam

October 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The China-Swedish brand chose Amsterdam as the first European city to host its official debut. The presentation is scheduled for the end of 2020.

According to Alain Wisser, CEO of Lynk & Co, a brand owned by Geely, Amsterdam chose in part because of its anti-car reputation.

    “Amsterdam is a city that sets the trend and does not like cars. We think that if we start there, we will be able to demonstrate the convenience and suitability of our cars in modern situations. When we move to other cities, we will have excellent marketing experience, ” – said Visser.

Visser added that the announcement of the launch of the brand in the UK will appear by the end of this year. The first Lynk & Co model in Europe will be the compact SUV 01, which will be offered with both hybrid and tradional power plants. The Chinese-owned brand plans to set the price for SUV 01 close to Volkswagen price levels, but their business model is to attract both direct buyers and buyers interested in purchasing cars by subscription.

The company will offer customers the opportunity to use one of their cars for a month without any fines. The top manager admits that they are not sure which part of their future customers will choose a subscription; “We have business models covering proportions of 90% and 10%,” he adds.

this way of trading is not new, as other car manufacturers have been offering them for a long time, but Visser says that it looks like a regular disguised rental. Lynk & Co offers will be more like Spotify terms and conditions.