Lynk & Co Coupe received a 238-hp Volvo engine, as in a related SUV Geely

Lynk & Co Coupe received a 238-hp Volvo engine, as in a related SUV Geely

April 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Unveiled the design of the fourth production model of a young Chinese brand. The new Lynk & Co 05 should enter the home market before the end of the current year

The Lynk & Co brand was created in 2016, it is a joint project of Geely and Volvo (the Swedish company, in turn, belongs to the Chinese). Today, the brand sells three models in the Celestial Empire: the 01 and 02 crossovers, as well as the 03 sedan. And soon the coupe-shaped SUV will fill up the range – its images appeared at the base of the local Ministry of Industry. Also became known, some characteristics of new items.

Coupe will be offered to buyers under the symbol 05. “Four” is reserved for a small hatchback, but there are no pictures of such a car yet. Like all other Lynk & Co models, the cross is built on the CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) platform developed by Geely along with Volvo. The length of the 05 is equal to 4592 mm, wheelbase – 2734 mm. By the way, motherly Gili also has a crossover with a coupe-shaped silhouette, which is also based on the CMA platfrom: in the homeland of the SUV brand is called Xingyue, the rest of the world is still known by its factory index FY11. Geely is longer than its relative from Lynk & Co (4,605 ​​mm) in length, but the distance between the axes of the FY11 is less – 2,700 mm.

Front 05 almost copies 01, 02 and 03, but the taillights of the original are original, made in the form of “strokes”. And for the crossover there are several options for color inserts – they can be on the bumpers, grille, and even the wheels. The interior has not yet been disclosed.

The SUV will be available with the same Volvo Drive-E gasoline engines as the rest of the Lynk & Co models: this is the “turbo-driven” 1.5 power of 180 hp. (It is not supposed to be 01, while the two and the three still have a 156-horsepower version) and a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0 with a return of 190 hp And at the top of the gamma there will be a 238-strong “turbo four-car” 2.0 Volvo T5 – the Geely FY11 is equipped with the same, whereas the Lynk & Co 01, 02 and 03 do not have such a motor. The 05 will certainly be all-wheel drive. Later, the line 05 can still supplement the hybrid version.

The Chinese dealers Lynk & Co 05 will get to this year. It is possible that the “coupe” will be the most expensive brand. In the meantime, the flagship title is a crossover 01 – its price starts from 150,800 yuan.

Recall, today the brand is represented only in China, and there it is quite successful: in 2018, and this is the first full year of sales for Lynk & Co, 120,414 cars were sold. For comparison, Citroen sold 113,867 cars in the PRC at the same time.