Luxury cars began to sell for crypto currency In America

Luxury cars began to sell for crypto currency In America

September 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Remember the cartoonish dilemma: “How many parrots are in a boa constrictor?”. In such an unusual way, the heroes of the puppet cartoon series tried to measure the length of the boa constrictor. Modern technologies have thrown a new food for thought – how many cars in one bitcoin …

In America, the local auto dealer started making transactions with the help of virtual money. Customers of the Post Oak Motor Cars dealership can now pay for any model you like – with classic Bitcoin or its alternative to Bitcoin Cash. Interestingly, the largest dealer center in the country, owned by billionaire Tilman Fertitt, specializes in the sale of luxury cars – Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Bentley. The auto show itself, which now meets all the latest trends of fashion, is located in Houston.

You can buy your favorite Bentley model from anywhere in the world with the help of BitPay payment service. Such a service, according to the owner of the dealer center, will save time for the buyers in times.

In the US, this is not the first time that the crypto currency has gone beyond the Internet, invading the everyday lives of ordinary Americans. So, the BitPay system actively interacts with the Florida tax. Residents of this southeastern state pay bitcoins for car registration numbers and driver’s licenses, and also pay off property tax.