Luxury Brand Cars

Luxury Brand Cars

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Leading fashion houses, boutique furniture manufacturers and luxury car brands have been collaborating for decades. The exclusive versions of cars created by them play on the desires of consumers to emphasize their status, to express commitment to a particular brand, as well as to the lifestyle transmitted through it.

That is why the salons for Maserati Quattroporte and Levante are created by Ermenegildo Zegna, and Hermès has been a partner of Bugatti for almost 100 years. We decided to recall the most interesting examples of cooperation with luxury brands, for example, the unique Pagani Huayra Hermès Edition and the Louis Vuitton luggage set for the BMW i8 hybrid.

Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna fashion house embody sophisticated Italian style, attention to detail and traditionally high quality materials. Their latest project is the Levante and Quattroporte series with a Pelletessuta leather interior that looks like regular fabric. This material is obtained from thin, interwoven strips of nappa and used for the manufacture of shoes and accessories. But the Italian brand is the only one who upholsters Pelletessuta car interiors.

Woven leather is not the only material that the Lanificio Zegna factory in Trivero (Italy) shared with Maserati. For example, the gray accents on the seats of this Ghibli S GranLusso are made of soft silk fibers of natural origin Zegna Mulberry Silk. Hand-made genuine leather upholstery is the merit of the renowned furniture factory Poltrona Frau.

Poltrona Frau has long and fruitfully collaborated with car manufacturers of various ranks. The Interiors in Motion portfolio has collaborative projects with Lancia, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo and Porsche. For the 8C Competizione coupe, Italians came up with an innovative material – woven upholstery without visible cuts from leather and fabric …

… and the Panamera Turbo S Executive received a signature luggage set and leather seats with a special perforated Unmistakable Porsche pattern.

The name of the French fashion house Hermès also often appears in the names of exclusive and expensive versions of luxury cars. The company has been cooperating with Bugatti for a long time, and the culmination of their partnership in 2008 was the Veyron Fbg par Hermès with a calfskin interior, suitcase handles instead of door handles and a wallet “integrated” into the central tunnel.

Chiron, as well as the Italian supercar Pagani Huayara, have an Ermes version. They stand out with a soft leather interior and a signature travel bag set. Wyre can also be identified by the grille with the original Hermès pattern. Both cars are owned by American collector Manny Hoshbin, who made his fortune from real estate.

To date, only two Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 are known, released in collaboration with the Italian fashion house Versace. The collaboration of Versace designers and Ad Personam interior designers resulted in a luxurious leather interior decorated with meander embroideries. The same ornament is applied to the sidewalls of the body.

The Gucci name is associated with a special version of the Fiat 500. A stylish citycar with a chrome decor, a fashionable interior and a signature green-and-red stripe appeared in 2011 with a chrome-plated interior and a body that surrounds the roof (or passes through the roof of a convertible). However, back in the 70s, Italians were experimenting … with American AMC and Cadillac.

As a result of these experiments, designer Gucci AMC Hornet and Cadillac Seville by Gucci were born. Both cars received a completely altered interior with Gucci stripes, while Seville got an ornament on the hood and roof, as well as 24-carat gold emblems all over the body. A bonus to each car was a set of five branded bags. Gucci styling was handled by a third-party contractor, International Automotive Design Inc. from Miami.

At the same time, in the 1970s, Lincoln introduced the Continental Mark V design yacht on wheels. For a couple of thousand dollars for a two-door, you could order styling packages created in collaboration with Givenchy, Cartier, fashion designers Emilio Pucci and Bill Blass. Fashion houses were responsible for the choice of colors for the exterior and interior, and also recommended decoration materials and decor. For example, this Continental Givenchy Edition received a monochromatic color scheme for which blue became the basis.

Fashion House Giorgio Armani and Mercedes-Benz introduced the CLK Giorgio Armani Design Car in 2003. The cabriolet was shown to the public at Milan Fashion Week, announcing that the project was made possible thanks to common points of contact in matters of style, elegance and innovation. Designer CLK received a combined interior made of Cuoio leather, popular in the 40-50s, and modern technological fabric. The main color of the interior is sandy Sabbia, and the company was made up of matte and glossy silver surfaces.

Interestingly, the project was not limited to the creation of one show. Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 Cabrio by Giorgio Armani built in a circulation of 100 copies.

In his new collaboration with the automaker, Louis Vuitton did not begin to cover the car with company logos or alter the interior for purses and bags. Instead, the French fashion house has released a luggage kit designed for BMW i8 owners. The manufacturability of the hybrid supercar was emphasized by the choice of materials: carbon fiber based textiles, leather and microfiber.

This is not the first time the French fashion house has been cooperating with automobile companies. In 2009, Louis Vuitton developed the luggage kit for the Infiniti Essence concept car. With this elegant coupe, the Japanese brand celebrated its 20th anniversary. Compared to Louis Vuitton, founded in 1854, Infiniti, it can be said, has not reached adolescence.

Bonus: however, fashion brands are not the only representatives of the fashion world who collaborate with automakers. In 2016, the designers of BMW i and the online retailer MR PORTER, specializing in men’s clothing, created a special version of the i3 in the spirit of a classic tuxedo. The electric car was painted in an exclusive shade of Tuxedo Blue, and contrasting accents of white were done manually. Essentials Travel Kit came with every car: a leather travel bag, a London Undercover umbrella, a Leica camera, Cutler & Gross sunglasses, and a Lock & Co. hat.