Luxury Audi A7 unsuccessfully boosts flooded transition

Luxury Audi A7 unsuccessfully boosts flooded transition

June 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Brand-name all-wheel drive Audi Quattro is a pretty useful thing that often comes to the aid of four-ring drivers. And yet this is not a panacea for overcoming absolutely any obstacles, as one funny thing that happened in Hungary clearly demonstrated.

In this case, the 4×4 system could not help out due to the fact that the wheels of the car …. did not touch the road. The driver drove under the bridge in which there was water: apparently, he was hoping to slip through the puddle, but it turned out to be much larger and deeper than he expected. As a result, after a few meters of movement, the car sailed like a boat, and a little later it hit the concrete wall.

However, even if Audi remained standing on wheels, it would hardly have saved the situation – there was more than a meter in this stretch of water, which means that after some time the engine compartment would also be flooded. In this case, the car was doomed from the very beginning. Few SUVs could overcome such a “river”, not to mention sedans.

According to local media, this underground passage regularly has problems with water drainage after heavy rains, and not many drivers are aware of this. Recently, the owner of BMW fell into the same bait, but managed to save him.