Lucid will make Musk nervous

Lucid will make Musk nervous

August 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Already in September, the company will present its luxury electric car, which will become the best in terms of range.

In the coming month, the world community will see a new electric car from Lucid Motors – Lucid Air. The creators of the cars have achieved amazing results on tests, which they could not but share even before the premiere of the model – a car with an all-electric power plant will be able to travel up to 830 kilometers versus 600 kilometers for the Tesla Model S.

Of course, now we cannot be sure that Lucid Air will be able to travel exactly this distance, however, you must admit, no one has ever offered us this! There is currently no exact data on the battery capacity of the new item, but it is assumed that it is 130 kW / h versus 100 kW / h for the Model S. 230 kilometers of run.

Of course, a more capacious battery will have a greater mass, but we can only hope that Lucid Motors has coped with this task. At the same time, as it became known, serial production of Lucid Air will begin only next year, which will allow Tesla to create a more capacious battery or optimize the energy consumption of its electric vehicles.