Lucid: “We will bring electric cars to a level inaccessible to Tesla”

Lucid: “We will bring electric cars to a level inaccessible to Tesla”

February 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The manufacturers of the Lucid Air sedan have been looking for financing for a long time, and now, finally, they are ready to give battle to Ilon Mask. Lucid had several years to refine the luxury sedan. So the battery efficiency and the distance on one charge will be “unsurpassed”, the head of the company promises.

Electrek has interviewed Peter Rawlinson, CEO and technical director of Lucid, a startup that has been planning to fight Tesla for years. Back in 2017, the Lucid Air sedan was introduced at a price of $ 60,000. Before the Model 3, it was a serious budget application – but for a long time there was no money to organize production. And affordable electric sedans from the company Ilona Mask are already on the road.

At the end of 2018, Lucid received about $ 1 billion from Saudi Arabia to organize production, and at the end of January began receiving pre-orders.

Rawlison says that all the while waiting for funding, the model was finalized, and promises an “unsurpassed level of efficiency” and a trip range on a single charge – more than 640 km.

Rawlison says the company’s plant in California is about to install a roof, after which installation of production lines will begin. In the meantime, Lucid is busy manufacturing a pilot batch of 80 cars, most of which will be used in various tests.

One of the most important innovations of the Air 2020 model year is a powerful charging system. Tesla digests 400 kW, Porsche Taycan – 800 kW. The Lucid Air has a charging power of 900 kW. And thanks to this, you can install powerful batteries that are enough for 640 km (400 miles).

Recently, Elon Musk, however, said that Model S after the next updates will also become an electric car for 400 miles.

Rawlinson also claims that Air will be a leader in efficiency: for 1 kWh of battery capacity, the car will travel 4-5 km. “Tesla does not own secret knowledge” in this area, he assures, and the technology can be taken to a “new level”. For example, due to the high efficiency of the top version of Air, the 130 kWh monster battery that was announced in 2017 is no longer needed.

The engine, says the director, also turned out outstanding: it gives out the promised 1000 liters. S., and at the same time it is so compact that one person can lift it with his bare hands. Rawlinson does not rule out that Lucid will sell engines separately – as an OEM supplier.

True, along with all the innovations, the price of the electric sedan has grown considerably. Lucid has abandoned cheap options and now hopes to sell its electric cars for $ 100,000 and more. And the competitor for himself sees not so much Tesla as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The production version of Lucid Air is expected to be unveiled at the April New York Auto Show.