Lucid showed crazy acceleration of the three-engined version of the Air sedan

Lucid showed crazy acceleration of the three-engined version of the Air sedan

September 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company posted a video on its Twitter page showing the rather fast acceleration of the Lucid Air electric sedan. The latter is equipped with three powerful electric motors.

The newly introduced Lucid Air is an extremely fast all-electric sedan. It has recently been shown to cover 402 meters in 9.9 seconds. Now we have decided to prove that the version of this car with three engines can cover the same distance even faster.

Lucid just tweeted a video of the three-engined version of the Air sedan covering 402 meters in just 9.245 seconds at 253.03 km / h. This figure is better than the fastest supercar on sale today.

The accompanying text to the video makes it clear that this version of the electric vehicle is still in development.

This could mean that by the time it goes to market, the car will be even faster. And we have good evidence that the improvements are likely to impact the twin-engine performance of the electric Lucid Air as well.

Of course, the main competitor to the three-engined Lucid Air is the Tesla Model S in its most powerful version of the Plaid. According to Tesla itself, this is the fastest electric car, although we have not yet seen a video confirming this.

We should also mention that Lucid has not yet spoken publicly about a three-engined version of its electric sedan. It is not yet mentioned on the official website of the company. So why are we so sure that this video is testing the version of an electric vehicle that is equipped with three electric motors? Among other things, the pictured car has a sticker on the fender behind the rear wheels that says exactly that (see photo below).

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that they announced a 1100-strong Tesla Model S Plaid. Tesla Corporation at the Battery Day event released some information about the new version of the Model S, which received the Plaid prefix to the name.