Lucid Motors revealed images of its electric crossover

Lucid Motors revealed images of its electric crossover

September 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The next model to be assembled by Lucid specialists will be a crossover.

Startup Lucid Motors decided to take a chance and was the first in its model line to introduce a sedan, and not a popular crossover or SUV. Now is the time to introduce the most popular vehicle class. A few hours before the premiere of the Lucid Air sedan and the announcement of the crossover, the company published several renders of the new electric car.

Information about the new product is still kept secret, but the CEO of the company once mentioned that the crossover will be as effective on the go as the sedan. I wonder if the executive knows that SUVs are usually heavier, larger, and not as aerodynamic as sedans? And judging by the presented images, the model will not differ in compact dimensions.

Of course, the crossover will be made in the same style as the Air sedan: the car will receive a floating roof, door handles that slide inside the body, specific rims, as well as front and rear optics. Judging by the sedan, the production version is practically no different from the renders, which means the crossover will look exactly the same as in the pictures.