Lucid electric cars test in cold weather

Lucid electric cars test in cold weather

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American startup brought its prototypes to Minnesota for tests.

All vehicles must pass some kind of test in cold weather, and electric cars are no different. Electric car startup Lucid brought two prototypes of its new luxury Air sedan to Minnesota to give the car the opportunity to prove its worth before production.

Two beta prototypes of the company went north to confirm Air’s ability to withstand not only cold weather, but also icy conditions. The automaker shared a video about cars that are cleverly guided by the course and, in fact, just look cool.

But these tests help OEMs adjust their safety and traction systems so that when drivers drive after the first snow, they are less likely to lose their way. For electric vehicles, testing in cold weather is especially important to help determine if battery performance is decreasing when temperature drops.

Lucid representatives noted that during the test, the temperature dropped to minus 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-33 degrees Celsius). Unfortunately, the company did not tell how this affected the range of batteries. This information will probably have to wait until the working version of Lucid Air is released.

The automaker planned to introduce the car at the New York Auto Show. But this show was delayed until the end of August due to problems with the coronavirus.