Lucid Air officially became faster than Tesla

Lucid Air officially became faster than Tesla

September 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Electric sedan sets new world record with a quarter mile in 9.9 seconds

Startup Lucid Motors has officially announced a quarter mile (402 meters) stand-off time for the Air sedan. This is 9.9 seconds, which is a world record for all sedans in general.

The previous record was 10.48 seconds and belonged to the top-end version of the Tesla Model S electric car. It was installed only in May.

The company claims that they managed to develop unique power plants, which are a module of an electric motor and a single-stage transmission. With the dimensions of hand luggage, which is allowed to be taken into the aircraft cabin, one such module produces 650 hp.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition has two such engines, but their total power is not 1300 hp, as you might think, but only 1080. The company has not yet disclosed the exact acceleration time to 100 kilometers per hour, limiting itself to the words “less than 2.5 seconds “. Tesla Model S takes 2.4 seconds to do this.

As conceived by the creators, the Air should surpass the Model S in everything. It has a longer range, it charges faster and, as it turned out, accelerates better. Unfortunately, we are almost sure that the Air will cost more.

The production version of the Air will be fully declassified on September 9th. Then we expect to know the start date of deliveries. Tesla will respond with a deeply redesigned Model S.