Lucid Air intends to bypass Porsche in a quarter mile

Lucid Air intends to bypass Porsche in a quarter mile

September 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company has released a tantalizing video of 402 km in the fastest time of less than 9.7 seconds.

It hasn’t been long since the American electric car company Lucid unveiled its Air Dream Edition, which could make Tesla sleepy.

It is noteworthy that the Dream Edition shows an incredible quarter mile (402 km) time of 9.9 seconds. But the Air’s incredible performance isn’t enough for Lucid. In a world where EVs beat internal combustion cars in straight races, Lucid teases that they are dropping advertised mileage even more, as evidenced by a Twitter post.

The message on the social network was accompanied by the caption: “Which is faster than fast? Come back on September 24th to see #LucidAir the answer to this question. ” As you can see in the video, the company aims to be faster than 9.7 seconds, which should be quite an impressive figure considering that the Porsche 918 Spyder previously had the best quarter mile time of 9.81 seconds.

Lucid Air is already impressive with its current performance. It has the largest range of any electric vehicle (up to 832 km on a single charge), charges faster than any other electric vehicle (range of 32 km per minute of charging), and has more interior space than any electric vehicle in its class. and most of all luggage space (739 liters). It also has the lowest drag coefficient of any vehicle available (0.21).

Two 1080 horsepower (794 kilowatts) electric motors power the Lucid Air Dream Edition, but the Performance Edition is reported to come with three electric motors, with the two rear motors delivering a total of 1300 hp. (956 kW).

With these numbers, Lucid could indeed beat several production cars in drag racing. But how much? We’ll see how the company will deliver the presentation in a few days.