Lucid Air has become the most economical luxury car

Lucid Air has become the most economical luxury car

July 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This was achieved thanks to the low drag coefficient.

In early summer, the Lucid Air electric car was sent to Carolina for wind tunnel tests, which confirmed that the drag coefficient of the electric car is 0.21. This has made the electric car the most economical luxury car in the world.

According to the creators of the electric car, they drew their best practices, including from racing cars, where aerodynamics are very important. Thus, Lucid Air has a number of air intakes throughout the body, which redirect the oncoming flow so that the electric car has a low drag coefficient, as well as the maximum “pressed” the air to the asphalt.

In addition, Lucid has patented an air intake system located behind the front bumper. It directs the flow to optimize the cooling of the power plant and is compact in size. All this allows the electric car to travel on a single charge up to 640 kilometers. The maximum recorded speed of the prototype was 378 km / h. The premiere of the new Lucid Air will take place on September 9 in online mode.