Lucid Air gets a 1800-horsepower engine

Lucid Air gets a 1800-horsepower engine

April 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The EV electric motor with an engine capacity of 1800 horsepower “has always been part of the Lucid plan.”

In Newark, just a short drive from the Tesla car assembly plant, one of the company’s former leading engineers became a competitive electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors in an attempt to do the near-impossible: to create a niche for itself in a segment dominated by its former employer. The first Lucid car planned for mass production, the Lucid Air, has not yet been implemented, but CEO Peter Rawlinson was more than happy to share some details in a recent interview.

The largest, boldest and most eye-catching piece of Rawlinson’s information: Lucid Air can ultimately be offered with up to 1800 horsepower through a three-engine installation similar to those planned for the Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV. “This three-engine powerplant“ has always been part of our plan, ”Rawlinson said.

But what has not always been part of the plan are the new permanent magnet motors Lucid is currently working with. Earlier prototypes used a 400-volt system with asynchronous motors, which could be easily turned off to minimize losses in the light cruising mode. In a power plant with the highest performance, the maximum power was 1,000 horsepower.

However, Lucid has now switched to more powerful permanent magnet motors, capable of developing up to 600 horsepower per 900-volt system, and the company is developing power units with one, two or three of these motors, using them front and rear. In fact, the losses in the powertrain of the car are so controllable that Lucid actually reduced the weight and volume of the prototype battery in which it had a capacity of 130 kWh.

More information on the production version of Lucid Air is due to appear in August, when the company will duly present the EV at an auto show in New York postponed due to COVID-19. The car was planned to be launched into production at the end of this year, and we hope that nothing will go wrong.