Louis Deletraz joins the F-2 Carlin team

Louis Deletraz joins the F-2 Carlin team

January 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The young driver worked with the British team in 2016, and also participated in last year’s tests in Abu Dhabi. So the team is familiar to him.

21-year-old Deletraz said that he felt very comfortable with Carlin during the tests after the 2018 season. And for sure it is his internal state and had an impact on the results of the races. “I know this team well, because I spoke for it in GP2 at the end of 2016.” Having sufficient experience in F-2, I think we will have a great new season. My goal is to win in 2019. ”

 Last season after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Swiss tested the Haas F1 and realized what it had to deal with and what it could get by winning Formula 2. Therefore, he is determined to achieve his goal.

 “There is high competition in F-2, but I did quite well, showing good speed. I managed to climb the podium. I think, along with Carlin, I will be able to develop this success”. Team leader Trevor Carlin also has high hopes for young riders.

Meanwhile, the 41st Dakar Rally Marathon started, where 334 crews of various vehicles compete for the championship.