Lotus will unveil a new sports car this summer

Lotus will unveil a new sports car this summer

January 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Lotus currently sells three sports car models: the Exige, Evora and Elise, but the brand’s lineup will expand in 2021.

Lotus will unveil its new sports car this summer as the company strives to move from a niche brand to a global brand. The model, which will have an internal combustion engine and will be offered in various price points, could replace the entire Lotus lineup, which includes the Exige, Evora and Elise sports cars.

The newest car will go into production next year at Lotus’s redesigned plant in Hethel, East England, Lotus CEO Phil Popham said in an interview Friday. Popham said the new model “will give us some pretty significant growth.”

Lotus sold 1,378 vehicles in 2020, up 4.4 percent from a year earlier. Popham said the new car will be offered in a variety of variants starting at $ 75,000. The price window is broadly in line with the current range of the three Lotus models.

The sports car will be unveiled this summer, a source familiar with the plan said. Popham discussed the new model in detail in April last year, but did not provide a launch date. Lotus is also looking to start delivering its Evija electric hypercar by the end of the year, Pofama said.

Future plans for the company, including a partnership with Renault’s Alpine brand to develop a platform for electric vehicles, include a new model in 2025, Alpine announced last Thursday.

The new combustion engine sports car will expand Lotus’s appeal in the United States, where only the more expensive Evora is currently sold, Popham said. The United States is the second largest market for the brand after Germany, followed by the United Kingdom and fourth by Japan.

“This car will have a broader price point and this will give us an opportunity in the US,” he said. “To be successful in the sports car market, you must be successful in the United States.”

Popham said future Lotus vehicles will be designed with global sales in mind. Deliveries of the Evija electric vehicle are expected to begin by the end of the year after development was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.