Lotus revealed a new electric sports car

Lotus revealed a new electric sports car

February 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Auto maker Lotus has unveiled its new electric sports car.

The main idea behind the new Lotus E-R9 concept car is to show what endurance cars will look like in 2030. The streamlined electric vehicle was created by a subsidiary of Lotus Engineering as a showcase for advances in electrification.

It is known that the development of the E-R9 concept was carried out by a team of engineers, which included Richard Hill, who was responsible for aerodynamics at Lotus, and Llysse Kerr, who is the CTO of Geely Group Motorsports International. Note that the E-R9 electric car borrowed some of the technologies from the Evija car.

The sports car has four independent electric motors under the hood, and the power source is a battery with an advanced structure. Other features include the shape-shifting body panels that sit on the delta profile.

They can adapt to the nature of the movement of the car and regulate the air flow, both in manual and automatic modes. The vertical planes that are located at the stern of the E-R9 perform an important option, namely, they help the car change direction at high speeds, since they are subject to additional aerodynamic forces.