Lotus partner to create lithium-sulfur battery for luxury boat

Lotus partner to create lithium-sulfur battery for luxury boat

November 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Williams Advanced Engineering merges with OXIS Energy

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), a subsidiary of the Williams formula team and a Lotus partner, will work with UK firm OXIS Energy to develop the world’s first luxury boat battery pack. It will be installed on a ship by the Singaporean Yachts de Luxe, whose appearance was invented by the famous yacht designer Jean Jacques Coste.

Oxfordshire-based OXIS Energy has been working on Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) batteries for 16 years, hoping to revolutionize the rechargeable battery market. In theory, the patented OXIS technology will allow the creation of power sources, the capacity of which will be five times greater than that of lithium-ion counterparts of the same size. Moreover, the range of their application will not be limited only to ground transport. Williams Advanced Engineering, which will use Li-S cells to create a battery system for a luxury boat, is called upon to prove this.

A huge 400 kilowatt-hour battery will power a 40-foot electric yacht (12.19 meters), which will be built by Singapore-based Yachts de Luxe with the participation of Coste Design & Partners. WAE will take over the module design and control system development and battery assembly and installation in Grove, Oxfordshire, England. The authors of the project hope to achieve a range on a single charge of 70-100 nautical miles, or 129.6-185.2 kilometers, thereby setting a new standard for electric boats.

High performance batteries and control systems are WAE’s core business. The firm’s clients include Lotus, which recently decided to terminate a contract with Williams to develop electrical components for the Evija hypercar. The British sports car manufacturer, which came under the control of Geely, accused the partner of the delay in deliveries and decided that he could bring the Avaya to mind on his own. WAE, in turn, went to court.