Lotus is preparing a new hybrid supercar

Lotus is preparing a new hybrid supercar

March 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the first half of this year, Lotus plans to introduce a completely new sports car with a hybrid V6 engine and a style inspired by the Evija electric hypercar.

It is argued that the new car will be similar in philosophy to the original Esprit model and narrow the gap between current and future Lotus models using a completely new platform. The new platform will support many next-generation Lotus models, although the sports car in question will use an Evora aluminum platform.

It is assumed that the hybrid engine associated with Toyota’s V6, which already uses Lotus, will be responsible for the performance. The hybrid system was developed by Lotus and probably uses technology similar to Volvo. The hybrid V6 can reach more than 500 hp, making the new sports car significantly faster and more powerful than the Evora 410.

While the design of the car, according to preliminary information, is influenced by Evija, it is not yet known how close the similarities between them will be. Like the Evija, the sports car will be double without rear seats.

It is known that Lotus is developing a new car in accordance with emission standards in China and North America, which means that it will play a key role in helping the company increase its annual sales from about 1,500 to about 5,000 units.