Lotus Elise written off in total because of a scratch on the bumper

Lotus Elise written off in total because of a scratch on the bumper

October 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The cost of repairing a sports car Lotus Elise was too high

The insurance company found Lotus Elise 2005 unsuitable for repair due to a small scratch on the bumper. According to the former owner of the car Philip Kingston, the cost of a new front end with painting was 19 thousand dollars.

The high cost of repair at the price of the sports car in 30 thousand dollars is due to the fact that the front part of the body, which also includes the bumper, is a single element. Its price exceeds five thousand dollars. Rare bronze paint would cost the owner another six thousand dollars. The rest of the auto repair shop would take over the work of removing the old and installing a new part.

As a result, Lotus Elise Kingston bought the insurance company. The amount made was 33 thousand dollars. Later, the car with the documents confirming the fact of its recovery after the cancellation, went on sale on the online platform Ebay. The seller asked for a sports car 24 thousand dollars.

In September 2017, a Chevrolet Corvette with a mileage of 13,000 kilometers was written off due to a crack in the transmission tunnel. The insurance company recognized the sports car unsuitable for restoration and decided to sell it for parts.