Lotus built a carbon bike

Lotus built a carbon bike

October 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Track bike became the heir to the legendary 108th

Lotus Engineering and bicycle component manufacturer Hope Technology unveiled a track bike on which the UK team performed at the 2020 Olympics. The bike was created using high-strength Hope fiber composites and Renishaw additive technologies, which reduced the time from the initial design to the finished part.

The British Hope Technology has become an expert on innovative cycle components that have been manufactured for over 30 years. As part of a joint project, the company’s specialists created an ultra-light frame made of high modulus fiber, and Lotus developed a unique front fork and handlebar, which were then integrated into the overall bicycle structure. The program provided not only the production of parts, but also their testing for stiffness, as well as blowing in a wind tunnel.

Lotus Engineering is part of Group Lotus. The division is engaged in industrial consulting, advanced technologies and the development of light materials.

In order to get permission to ride a new bicycle at the Tokyo Olympics, the UK team must take part in the European Cycling Cup on the track. The debut “combat” races of the Lotus track bike will take place this weekend (November 1-3) at the Minsk-Arena velodrome, which hosts the first stage of the Cup.

Lotus already has experience in building bicycles – the first such bike appeared in the 90s thanks to designer Mike Burrows. The current ban of the International Union of Cyclists on the monocoque design did not allow Burroughs to finish work on the bike in the 80s, and after removing the restriction, the best practices were transferred to a group of Lotus engineers. In 1992, the LotusSport Pursuit Bike or Type 108 was born, in which cyclist Chris Boardman won the four-kilometer pursuit and set a new world record.

The successor of the 108th was a bicycle with an index of 110. All the same, Bordman set a new hourly record for riding on it: in 60 minutes he traveled 56.375 kilometers.