Lotus asked to help find your first car

Lotus asked to help find your first car

September 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Lotus asked enthusiasts and collectors around the world to help find the first car, built by the founder of the brand Colin Chapman. The car, known as Lotus Mark I, was sold in November 1950, and now its location is unknown.

The campaign to find the most significant car in the history of Lotus was timed to the 70th anniversary of the British brand. According to the surviving documents, Chapman built Mark I in a London garage owned by his girl’s parents. In 1948, he successfully performed on it in several racing competitions. Shortly thereafter, Chapman began work on Mark II, and the first version sold for £ 135 a new owner living in the north of England.

At the heart of the Lotus Mark I lay Austin Seven with a reinforced frame, lightweight body panels and a modified suspension geometry. Since the car was intended for racing, Chapman made part of the nodes and elements quick-detachable. The rear of the car was stretched to accommodate two spare wheels. This solution also made it possible to obtain an almost perfect weight distribution along the axes.

Lotus has repeatedly tried to find Mark I, but now the management of the brand counts on the help of the global community of auto enthusiasts. Presumably, the car could leave the United Kingdom and is now in another country.