Lordstown tests endurance electric pickup

Lordstown tests endurance electric pickup

April 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Startup Lordstown Motors, part of the Workhorse Group, continues to intrigue with the electric Endurance pickup, which is scheduled to launch later in 2020.

The company released a new video showing a masked prototype of an Endurance truck breaking a 15% wet road slope. In the frames, the test driver stops the pickup on a slope to test the assistance system when starting to climb.

“A 15 percent slope on a sloppy wet track can result in tire rotation and loss of control even when approaching with momentum. Stopping on a hill, then restarting increases the degree of difficulty. Please note that the tires do not spin or slip in this test. Our all-wheel drive system controls every wheel – every millisecond – and provides precise control and power anywhere and anytime, ”“ says Lordstown Motors in the description.

The video clearly shows that, but in fact, most trucks, electric or not, equipped with such a system, will not experience difficulties in such conditions. Unlike future electric pickups from Tesla, Rivian, Ford and GMC, Lordstown Endurance will be sold as a work truck. According to the company, it will have high reliability, low operating costs compared to traditional ICE trucks.

In addition, Lordstown Motors reports that 1,000 Endurance electric pickups will be raffled off among corporate customers who want to electrify the organization’s fleet. In addition, the company claims that it also received letters in which customers across the country, including “government organizations, fleet management organizations, construction companies, security companies, landowning engineers and ground crews, as well as those working in the field steel, natural gas and oil, ”they say about the readiness to purchase a new product.

The Endurance pickup is a continuation of the Workhorse W-15, a large power reserve car developed by the Workhorse Group, which owns 10% of Lordstown Motors and will license its running technology. It remains unclear whether thousands of W-15 pre-orders will go to Endurance.