Lordstown Endurance electric pickup or Tesla CyberTruck direct competitor?

Lordstown Endurance electric pickup or Tesla CyberTruck direct competitor?

December 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Specifications: 600 hp, range on a single charge more than 322 km according to the American standard for measuring EPA. 500 000 copies of the model will be produced per year.

Lordstown Motors recently posted on its official website more detailed information on the all-electric Endurance pickup. It is also reported that the company’s management plans to produce annually up to 500,000 copies of its new products.

The company says that the Endurance truck will be built completely from scratch and will be able to offer a minimum range of 320 km (measurements were carried out according to the EPA standard, adopted in the USA). At the time of this writing, only the price of the basic version of the machine is known – it can be purchased for $ 52,500.

Another important thing you should know about the electric novelty is its all-wheel drive system with an electric motor on each wheel. But a configuration with two engines is also possible (one engine per axis). By the way, there is little difficulty in installing a separate electric motor in the wheel – it will also be necessary to equip the wheel with a special brake mechanism.

 Taking into account the published information about the charging time of 10 hours to increase the charge level from 7 to 95%, we assume that the battery capacity of the Lordstown Endurance should be more than 70 kW * h, and maybe 70-80 kW * h for the basic version (cruising range 320 km

┬áSo, here are the new details about the first electric pickup model, which should compete directly with the Tesla CyberTruck. Software updates “over the air”, maximum speed 128 km / h, electric power plant capacity up to 600 hp, AC charging in 10 hours (7 kW, up to 95% SOC), DC charging in 0.5-1 , 5 hours, the presence of on-board sockets for 120 V (30 A), 5-seater cabin, towing capacity of 2,721 kg.