Lordstown Endurance electric pickup interior revealed

Lordstown Endurance electric pickup interior revealed

September 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Lordstown Motors has shown new photos of its future electric car. This time, the brand allowed fans to look into the salon of the future electric car.

The first feature of the novelty, which you notice right away, is three screens combined into one large panel. One of them – “tidy”, the other broadcasts important information for the driver (battery status, etc.), the third – multimedia. The seats are stylishly upholstered in fabric, and the steering wheel with glossy black buttons is leather-braided. By the way, the fabric was also used in the design of the front panel.

On the center console there is a gear selector in the form of a washer, an electronic “handbrake”, a vertical niche and two cup holders. There is also a very minimalistic climate control unit. According to Lordstown, more than 40 thousand pre-orders have already been collected for the electric pickup. This is about $ 2 billion in potential income, if they all turn into real sales. The Endurance, which is marketed as the world’s first commercial electric pickup, is slated to launch next year.

The pickup will be equipped with motor-wheels. The total engine power will reach 600 hp.

With them, the electric car will accelerate to 96 km / i in 5.5 seconds. The novelty will cover a little over 400 kilometers without recharging. For the most affordable car you will have to pay $ 52,500

Recall that the presentation of the electric crossover Volkswagen ID.4 took place the day before. The new ID.4 received a good power reserve, as well as the ability to quickly charge the car. During the presentation, the cost of all the trim levels available today was announced.