Looks like the new bus of the German national football team

Looks like the new bus of the German national football team

March 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new team bus – MAN Lion “s Coach C. The novelty is equipped with a solid 500 hp turbodiesel and differs from the serial counterparts with a rich special equipment and exclusive cabin equipment. The length of the three-axle bus is 13.4 meters. (Women’s and youth teams will receive equipment a little easier).

The first row seats have built-in tables and footrests. In addition, all 36 leather passenger seats are equipped with adjustable head restraints. Four tables, installed between the seats opposite each other (two of them are adjustable in height), allow to hold meetings before and after the game.

In addition, inside the liner there is a cozy eating area – with a large space, a refrigerator and a coffee bar. Also, the car is distinguished by a comfortable toilet and powerful multimedia equipment (wireless communication standard LTE, media server, LCD monitors, advanced speakers, HDMI connectors, as well as USB ports).

In addition, manovtsy installed all possible security systems. In addition to the video monitoring system of the surrounding area on the basis of six cameras, MAN Lion’s Coach, designed for the team of the German Football Union, is equipped with numerous assistants from controlling the lane to monitoring the driver’s attention.