Looks like the hybrid Porsche 911 is a reality

Looks like the hybrid Porsche 911 is a reality

December 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Around the new generation of the Porsche 911 sports car from the 992 line (the eighth generation of the car) there are a lot of rumors about the electrification of the model. While the output of the hybrid or electric version is not confirmed, but the model is prepared in advance for these systems.

For a long time, Porsche does not directly answer the question about the release of a hybrid or electric version of the 911th new generation. But according to recent information from Autocar, the company has prepared for this opportunity. In fact, the novelty was developed with the condition that electrification will be possible, but whether it will appear is not reported yet.

Head of the development of sports cars Porsche August Ahlleitner assured that the new 911 has a seven-year life cycle, during which he, potentially, can get a soft or rechargeable hybrid. But nevertheless, the sport coupe 911 series 992 was originally “sharpened” under the turbo engines of the ICE line. It is assumed that the hybrids are already being developed, but the electric version is not expected yet.

 “We use the experience gained from the hybrid versions of the Cayenne, Panamera, as well as the 918 Spyder, and try to apply it to the new 911. And it is quite possible that a completely electric version will appear in the future,” – says Ahlleitner, not daring to give details.

Theoretically, the use of hybrid systems will help the model significantly increase torque. In addition, the battery placed in front can significantly improve the weight distribution, as well as reduce the center of gravity.

Meanwhile, the design studio X-Tomy Design could not resist and presented its own “tuning” project to finalize the new generation of Porsche 911.