Look at what NASCAR riders do when the cars run out of fuel

Look at what NASCAR riders do when the cars run out of fuel

August 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

After the finish of the NASCAR race at the Watkins Glen racetrack, the winner Chase Elliot did not burn the rubber and twist the traditional “donuts”: his Chevrolet ran out of fuel and he could not even get to the prize podium. But his team-mate Jimmie Johnson drove from behind, and pushed Elliot to the pit lane.

“I did not think that Chase ran out of gasoline. I was sure that he stopped to pick up rubber or to arrange something else in this spirit. But when he realized what was the matter, he drove up and gave his car a push. It was great to watch him waving his hand from the window. And the fans in general like crazy! “- said after the finish seven-time champion of the NASCAR series Jimmie Johnson.

Racing series NASCAR held since 1949. Their top league is the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, in which Johnson and Elliot perform. To date, this is the most popular car competition in the US: the prestigious Daytona 500 race last year was watched on TV by 11.9 million Americans.

In the course of the season there are 36 races, most – on oval tracks, and only three on the routes of the European type. The race at the Watkins Glen racetrack is among the last.

Now in the championship are cars of three brands: Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry. Next year, Ford will exhibit the Mustang coupe, and Toyota – the new Supra.

These cars have nothing to do with production: they all have a rear-wheel drive chassis with a continuous rear axle, V8 5.8 lower-end engines with a power of over 700 horsepower, a space frame and steel body panels that give an approximate similarity to the production cars.