Look at titanium discs printed on a 3D printer.

Look at titanium discs printed on a 3D printer.

May 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company HRE Wheels showed the second generation of titanium car wheels printed on a 3D printer. Compared to the first version, the new product is lighter, has a smaller number of component parts and a slightly modified pattern, as well as an advanced technology.

The first generation of titanium disks was shown last fall. Each wheel had a total of six components and weighed nine or 10.5 kilograms (for the 20-inch and 21-inch wheels, respectively). For the new generation of disks, it is necessary to print five components, while the wheel weighs already 7.25 and 8.6 kilograms for the same dimension.

The production technology for titanium discs is being developed jointly with GE Additive, a company specializing in the production of industrial 3D printers and equipment for additive expansion.

Parts are created using an electron-beam melting of titanium powder, which is melted in a vacuum chamber according to a predetermined computer pattern. Then the elements are processed on CNC machines, manually polished, and cleaned of excess powder and oils. The final assembly of the discs is done manually: the sections are attached to the carbon rim with titanium bolts.

In the series of such titanium discs are not yet running. When exactly this can happen is not specified.