Look at the waffle maker that bakes small edible cars

Look at the waffle maker that bakes small edible cars

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Unusual kitchen accessory began to sell on Amazon

An electric waffle iron has appeared on the Amazon trading platform, with which you can cook seven edible machines at the same time. The cost of a kitchen appliance is $ 42.95.

Like all electric waffle irons, the kitchen gadget for car fans works simply – the dough is poured into special molds, after which the appliance must be closed for several minutes. As a result of cooking, you can simultaneously get seven different small waffle cars, including sedans, pickups and trucks.

Despite the fact that the kitchen gadget appeared on sale relatively recently, all copies were sold out. At the moment, you can order an electric waffle iron with molds for cars no earlier than October 1.

The cost of the product is 42.95 dollars

Last September, Waki ​​PrintPia, together with Nissan Motor, created a kitchen appliance on which toast bread with the Skyline GT-R logo. It can only be purchased in Japan at a price of 5400 yen.