Look at the restoration process of a Chevy Corvette C2 forgotten in a garage

Look at the restoration process of a Chevy Corvette C2 forgotten in a garage

May 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the garage, a copy of the 1967 Chevy Corvette sports coupe was found. The car stood in the garage of the last 33 years. The video captures the process of cleaning cars from perennial dirt.

Back in April of this year, children from the foreign AMMO NYC team were given access to a hidden “time capsule” that contained at least 300 classic cars – rare cars were in three different garages.

According to available information, the collection began to be collected back in the 1970s, and most cars have never seen the light and have been in storage for about 40 years. The owner of the collection said that he was ready to finally start selling these machines, but they would need a thorough washing and restoration before they could be sold “under the hammer” and fall into the hands of new customers.

 A new video from the same channel on YouTube shows us the complete “washing” of one of the machines of this huge collection. This car is the second-generation Chevy Corvette American coupe.

The machine, which came off the assembly line in the distant 1967, has been motionless for the last 33 years and despite this, is in surprisingly good condition.

The cleaning process began with a quick vacuuming of the interior, followed by a more detailed washing of the leather seats and dashboard with a special brush. After the initial cleaning was completed, the team used a steam blower to clean areas that were not reachable with a brush and a towel.

 Then the team moved to the engine compartment – a steam wash was also used. After this procedure, the powertrain of the car began to look much better than before. Then the guys proceeded to complete external washing and deteyling. Several professional procedures designed for body paintwork returned the car to its former gloss.